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Alphonsus Brady

About Alphonsus Brady

Alphonsus Brady is a veteran pharmacist with over ten years of experience in the industry. Due to his extended years of experience, Al has come to thoroughly appreciate every aspect of his career.  

Al Brady began his professional studies at Northern Illinois University. While studying biological sciences, Al worked as a teaching assistant, helping undergraduates with laboratory sections for Biology. After receiving his Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences, with a minor in Chemistry in 1999, Al decided to advance his studies in Biological Sciences at North Illinois University, where he received his Master of Science in 2001. Alphonsus Brady completed his educational journey at the University of Iowa, where he earned his Doctor of Pharmacy in 2012.

Over the course of his professional years, Al Brady has worked at numerous capacities nationwide. After receiving his degrees focused in science, Al realized a deeper longing to help people in a more direct way. Through those aspirations, Alphonsus opted to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Upon graduating as a Doctor of Pharmacy in 2012, Al began working as a full time staff pharmacist in local pharmacies before opting to work in a hospital.

Working in the hospital setting, Alphonsus Brady thoroughly enjoys the aspect of treating the patient in a holistic sense, allowing him to use his clinical skills, such as antibiotic and anti-coagulant dosing. Choosing to go above and beyond to ensure that the patients feel satisfied, Alphonsus establishes captivating experiences for his customers that, in turn, become meaningful relations for both parties.

Today, Alphonsus Brady works as a staff pharmacist at the Community First Hospital of Chicago Illinois. Alphonsus finds great passion in being able to help patients who are sick. For Al, improving the health of others, so that they may continue to lead a fulfilled life, is what makes the job gratifying. Another part of what Al finds most rewarding about his career, is that he is able to use both the knowledge that he’s gained through academics and experience, to help patients in unfortunate circumstances.

As a Pharmacist, Al takes great joy in being able to help individuals lead a healthy life. The ability to use his many years of schooling towards something meaningful has been quite fulfilling for him. However, simply knowing he was able to make a difference in someone’s day is enough for him. 

When not working, Alphonsus Brady can be found traveling the world. He particularly enjoys Ireland due to his family’s ties to the country. As an adolescent, Al lived in the country, and as a result, is a citizen of both Ireland and the United States of America. He loves the beauty, culture and great times that Ireland provides. He takes great pride in his Irish roots, and will always have a soft spot in his heart for the Emerald Isle.

I truly enjoy the face to face interaction I have with patients, and the relationships I’m able to establish with them.

Alphonsus Brady

Pharmacy Professional, Community First Medical Center

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